About Us

Easy Power is a Smart Reliable Security & Solar Energy System Solutions Company

offering a wide range of products and services in Security systems, solar energy products and ICT solutions. We offer quality products, professional service and satisfy customers with solutions that meet expectations. We believe in honesty and openness in order to bring about a good relationship with its clients and create a climate of trust.

We believe that a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work. That’s why we develop client-focused solutions designed to meet our clients’ unique needs. Our job is to lighten your load and to help you shine
Easy power has well trained professional and qualified staff that provide quality services to the customers. Easy Security installers are trained to take the greatest care when working on your premises. They take pride and confidence in following best industrial practice in their relationship with the customer. In addition to full training on the operation of the system is provided on site
Solar power company in Uganda


To be the leading security service provider in East Africa.


At Easy Power we focus to design, develop, innovate and supply customized solutions and products through our professional team to satisfy our customers globally and increase the share value of the shareholders.

Our Values