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A burglar alarm system is designed to detect intruders on your property. A siren will sound when something is detected and send an alert signal to your phone or control panel. There are wireless and hard-wired intruder detection systems.


Creating many levels of security is the key to efficient home security and adequately safeguarding yourself and your family.


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An intruder alarm system serves the following purposes:

  • To safeguard the people and material possessions inside a building.

  • To prevent vandalism and crime.

A home alarm system is essential to your overall home security plan. Alarms are intimidating and frequently enough scare off would-be intruders from your property.


It is a fantastic way to safeguard your priceless possessions and the people you care about, and it also serves as a powerful deterrent.


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Burglar Alarm Accessories

Control Panels and Keypads

Signaling Devices

Accessories for Control Panels and Keypads

Detectors and Accessories (Wired and Wireless)

Cutting-Edge Features for Unparalleled Protection

1. LCD Touch Type Host for Effortless Operation

Experience intuitive control with our LCD touch type host. Armed with easy-to-understand visuals, operating your alarm system has never been simpler.


2. Extensive Wireless Zones and Wired Support

Feel secure knowing that your property is covered with 80 wireless zones and 4 wired zones. With a wireless transmitting range of over 180 meters, every corner of your home is protected.


3. Unbreakable Billion Code Encryption

Your security is paramount, and our billion-code encryption ensures that only authorized devices can communicate with your alarm system.


4. Swift and Comprehensive Alert Notifications

Stay in the loop with our alarm system’s capability to alert three alarm CMS phone numbers and two network CMS phone numbers in case of any security breach.


5. Personalized Zone Control

Tailor your security setup according to your needs. Easily set each zone to be activated or deactivated and choose between global arm or perimeter arm modes.


6. Multiple Arm/Disarm Options

Experience convenience with the freedom to arm or disarm your system remotely, by keypad, or automatically using preset schedules.


7. Comprehensive Alarm Log

Stay informed about every event with our system’s 72-piece alarm log. You’ll receive detailed records, including event specifics and timestamps.


8. Real-time Local Monitoring

With local monitoring capabilities, you can oversee your property when an alarm is triggered. Easily operate according to voice prompts.


9. Self-Check Function for Hassle-Free Maintenance

Adding new sensors or conducting routine checks is a breeze thanks to our system’s self-check function.


10. Emergency Function and Customizable Passwords

In case of emergencies, you can count on our system’s emergency function. Plus, customize passwords for added security.


11. Enhanced Audible Alert System

Our system features an 85 dB built-in buzzer and can be seamlessly connected to an external siren, backup battery, and antenna.


12. Versatile Sensor Compatibility

Choose from a wide range of wired and wireless sensors, including PIR sensors, door sensors, gas detectors, and smoke detectors.

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