Centurion Gate Motors in Uganda

Automated Gate Systems in Uganda are one way to add convenience to your daily life.


Save money for a gate keeper and also have the peace of mind to open or close your gate from anywhere using your smart phone. Add extra security to your home by using a top-quality gate automation that alerts you in case someone tampers with it.


Watch the full video on the benefits of gate automation systems in Uganda.


Our systems include: over ground & sliding gate systems, barrier systems – car park application.


Automated gates and barriers provide better security to your premises and can stop access from unwanted callers. Optional video entry systems are available.


Electric gates are an easy way to ensure the security of private premises and can be used for all sized properties.

Automatic Sliding Gate Systems in Uganda

Photo of Automated Gates in Uganda

Our brand-new D5 SMART sliding gate motor is equipped with the most cutting-edge security features and obstruction detection technology, guaranteeing that your gate is not only secure but also completely safe.


Since safety and security can coexist, you shouldn’t have to choose between them. After all, peace of mind is a package deal.



  • Speed: Up to 36 Meters Per Minute
  • Power backup plan for emergency
  • Vibrator sensor to detect tampering with the gate
  • Wireless and effortless – easy setup and configuration from your smartphone
  • Improved position control system incorporating hall effect technology – highly resistant to interference
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • After service maintenance.
With unsurpassed convenience and control at your fingertips, you will love using the D5 Smart Motor.

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Automatic Swing Gates in Uganda

Automatic Swing Gate Opener.

Swing gate automatic opening and closing systems are most frequently the automatic gates we use each day to park our cars in the garage.


For anyone who wants to get home quickly and easily after a busy day without too many hassles, gate motors are the best option.


You must determine which motor best suits you before making a purchase.


There are currently 2 types of swing gates available:

  • A single leaf that rotates around itself makes up a single-leaf swing gate. While there are no obstructions in the central stop, opening it takes up a lot of room.

  • Two-leaf swing gate that opens by turning the swing doors on a pivot either outward or inward. The faster opening time of this gate over a single leaf gate is unquestionably an advantage.

We can locate the precise model once we decide which category or style of gate best fits your home.


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Types of Automatic Swing Gates in Uganda

Four categories of engines are currently available on the market:

  • Linear motors: They feature the best technology available with ball screws, ensuring high speed with performance for medium-to-high power thrust. Typically, people will use them in place of hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

  • Articulated motors are excellent for automating swing gates, even those with substantial pillars. The motor is practically undetectable from the outside of the gate thanks to the application behind the column, which is a great option for people who don’t want to ruin the exterior design.

  • Hydraulic motors are typically the least expensive but equally reliable option in their category. They are extremely compact and offer high torque and low speed performance. The rollers in orbital hydraulic motors are supported hydrodynamically, minimizing friction and ensuring long life and high performance even at high pressures.

  • Underground motors stand out for their durability and understated design, which virtually invisible. This kind of motor is appropriate for all types of gates and keeps the entrance’s design untouched. This solution is also ideal for residence gates that have a lot of work to do. For instance, the UNDER-V model – 230V-24V Underground Electromechanical Actuator – is available in the VDS catalog.

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Advantages of Automatic Swing Gates in Uganda

Swing gates are essential to a home’s security because they guard it against unauthorized entry.


We can say that the gate is the first obstruction a potential burglar has to deal with when trying to gain access.


The automatic gate industry has grown to the point where it has developed its own market due to the high demand and the arrival of technology in the twenty-first century.


There are currently only 2 types of gates:

  • Swing gate
  • Sliding gate

Imagine coming home from work in the rain after a long day at the office, but you have to get out of the car to open the gate. Those 30 seconds of rain can sour the day’s end.


Consider the same scenario now, but with a remote control that enables you to remotely operate your gate opening and closing. brought the idea back?


Your life will be better off if you have an automated gate, and automating the gate is not a particularly time-consuming process.


Along with installation, quick and on-demand interventions and modifications are also possible.


Do you have a dated, non-automatic gate at your residence? And what’s the issue, given that we have modern technologies, swing gates can be motorized whenever we want.


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Our Products Include

Smart Gate Motors in Uganda
  • Swing Tustile
  • Smart Sliding gate
  • Servo motor Sliding gate
  • Full Height Tustile
  • Tripod turnstile
  • Flap Tustile
  • Gate Operator Motors
    (Slider Gate System, DC Swing Master, DC Swing Slave, Garage Door Motor, Release Lever Guard )
  • Transmitters and Receivers (Remotes)
  • Intercoms

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