Solar Lighting System in Uganda

Easy Power provides a variety of home lighting solutions that require low maintenance compared to tradition electric bulbs. Easy Power selection of solar lights in Uganda include:

  • Outdoor solar floodlights
  • Solar garden lights
  • Solar street lights
  • Solar sensor lights
  • Solar flood light with CCTV Camera

5 Reasons To Use Solar Lighting For Your Home

Solar energy is becoming a global standard for public benefit. It has also been integrated into various outdoor lighting systems such as street, parking lot, pathway, security, and signage lighting.

Sustainable – Sunlight based is an environmentally friendly power source. The sun is dependably present and, surprisingly, on the cloudiest days, there is a touch of insolation that anyone could hope to find for the sun powered chargers to absorb.

Availability Anywhere – Solar can be installed anywhere, regardless of the circumstances, if there is a sunny sport nearby solar can be installed.

Cost-saving – Once you install solar power, electricity is free. Since electricity costs continue to rise in Uganda. Solar power is the best solation for everyone.

Control Over Your Electricity – Home solar panels and a home battery can provide independence from utility companies while providing predictable electric bills. This allows you to avoid peak electricity rates and provides dependable backup power when the grid fails.

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Solar Home Lighting System