Access Control and Time - Attendance Systems IN UGANDA

Access Control Systems

Control who enters the business premises.

Gather data on entrance time and locations.

Make sure your staff and assets are secure.

All contemporary businesses must safeguard their tangible and intangible assets, as well as their employees’ safety, by restricting employee movement according to pre-established rules.


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Easy Power installs and supplies the best access control systems in Uganda,  solutions which include control access to restricted areas by using latest innovative technologies such as smart cards, fingerprints, Hand geometry, face recognition and many more.


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Our Access Control System include the latest technologies and wider applications:

24/7 Exclusive Entrance

Easy Power Company offers tremendous advancements in facial recognition, smart card applications, and biometric integration through its most recent generation of market-leading access control and biometric access control security systems.


Biometric Access Control Readers

Biometric access control readers strengthen security by evaluating and identifying each person’s distinctive physical characteristics. The security of employing a cardholder’s badge or PIN in conjunction with a biometric template is combined with biometrics. We provide access control with quick and precise biometric solutions.


Easy Security security experts can understand and build a perfect solution for your requirements. The user-friendly designs make it simple to install, operate and maintain.


Easy Security has partnered with world’s leading security solution providers. We have in-house software development team, which can support clients with installation, integration, customization and new feature development. We provide access control software developed with web based attendance software, which can be integrated with existing ERP, payroll, SAP, etc.


Easy Power access control solutions provide controlled access for authorized personnel to high security and other restricted areas. Logical access to your corporate network may also be controlled if necessary. We can design a solution specific to your requirements, whether it’s a single door or a multiple site networked configuration.


Our Access Control Products

“One-Stop” Access Control Shopping at Easy Power
Whether you need a complex access control system, or a simple stand-alone device, we have all the products to meet your needs.


We provide a complete line of access devices including RF controls, card readers, keypads, electric and magnetic locks and a full line of complimentary products to meet your specific requirements.


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User, Zone and Time based Access Control

Access Control Systems

Sometimes an unauthorized person will punch to gain entry. The most popular method for preventing unauthorized access in corporations is fingerprint access control. Access Zones are predefined physical areas to which particular access policies must apply in order to restrict unauthorized access. For each access zone, our system regulates which users (users) go where (access zone) and when (time). Employees of one department may not enter another department using this feature.


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Advantages of Access Control Systems in Uganda

Access control systems in Uganda
  • Access restrictions by user, period, and location
  • Biometric data is collected to increase security (Palm Vein, Fingerprint, facial recognition)
  • Possibility of utilizing “Advanced Access
  • Control” IP-based architecture for added security and scalability in sensitive areas
  • Multiple devices and locations under one centralized control and monitor
  • Real-time notification of system operation
  • Integration with other technical security systems and firefighting systems


Time - attendance system in Uganda

Every day, every hour, every minute – recorded


Time-attendance systems in Uganda

People are the organization’s most valuable asset, and their time is an equally valuable resource that drives further expansion. The biometric machine for attendance must be carefully chosen if you want to benefit from time-attendance policies.

Every organization faces the fundamental but crucial challenge of managing people’s attendance and timing. The complexity of time and attendance cannot be understated because of organizational hierarchy, structure, and various operational requirements.

A time-attendance solution that provides an exceptional level of flexibility in attendance policies, configuration, integration, and report generation can satisfy these various requirements.

To record user entries and exits, hardware devices are placed at entry and exit points. These prize-winning gadgets have exceptional designs, a wide range of uses, and strong performance. Multiple authentication methods, including Facial recognition, Fingerprint, and RFID Cards, along with a variety of connectivity options and SMS/Email notifications, allow them to meet the time-attendance requirements of all kinds of organizations.


Smart Door Locks

Don’t worry if you forget your keys

Smart door locks

You will no longer need to remember keys after we have fitted your smart lock!

With a touchpad or smartphone, you will be able to simply access your house or company using fingerprint, passcode, smart phone app and more. The flexibility of smart locks allows you to let someone in whenever you want without having to be there or physically hand over a key.


Changing any sort of door lock

The first sort of smart lock fits over the existing turning cylinder on the inside of your door and works with your existing cylinder and deadbolt. The second lock totally replaces the first.

For your peace of mind, all our products and services come with a year warranty. We also provide free advice for all our products along with a free 6 months of after service maintenance.


Advantages of Time-Attendance Systems in Uganda

Access Control Systems in Uganda
  • Controlled working hours centrally while simultaneously operating at multiple locations
  • Control over working hours for each individual employee.
  • Recording of overtime and shift work.
  • Notification of schedule modifications and other conditions.
  • Creating reports that have been modified specifically.


Frequently Asked Questions About Access Control Systems in Uganda

Easy Power Company provides a range of home access control security solutions to meet your requirements. We can provide you with additional security for your front door or a secure access system for your gate. Our industry-leading video door entry systems and garage door remote control systems ensure that your property is safe from intruders and criminals.


Installing an access control system, such as a video doorbell, in your house is a terrific method to discourage burglars and give you piece of mind that your property is safe. These doorbell cameras are an excellent method to screen questionable guests before opening your front door, so avoiding unauthorized entry into your house. Motion alerts, night vision for 24/7 sight, and customized monitoring of activity zones such as your driveway or front doorstep are all elements of a door entry system.

Get in contact with Easy Power now for an estimate on the best video doorbell or camera access control system for your house!


A security gate is a terrific method to ensure that unwelcome guests are unable to approach your house without permission if you are searching for a strategy to keep your home and surrounding property secure. Easy Power installs a range of remote-control gate access systems for houses and driveways, providing a safe perimeter around your property while allowing you to enter and depart your home simply. Contact us immediately if you are interested in an entry system for your electronic gate or our home access control systems.


Control Access To Your Home and Business

Access Control System