Solar Hybrid Inverters in Uganda

Hybrid inverters are ones that mix solar energy generated by solar panels, batteries, and the traditional electrical grid. Photovoltaic installations for self-consumption are just one of its many applications. The hybrid inverter changes the direct power from the solar panels into alternating current for household use. When the batteries are not sufficient to power the inverters during the day or when the batteries are low on charge, the hybrid inverter has the unique characteristic of being powered by the traditional electrical grid.

Characteristics of Solar hybrid inverters

This kind of hybrid inverter functions as an intelligent energy management system, introducing solar energy generated by solar panels into the home’s electrical grid and acting as a battery charger and storage device for excess energy when it is produced. This creates an effective and efficient energy management system. Additionally, in extreme circumstances of solar energy shortfall, the hybrid inverter receives power from the power grid, preventing interruptions in the home’s electricity supply. In order to avoid disrupting the power supply, the hybrid performs three main tasks: it converts direct current into alternating current, charges batteries, and hybridizes with the electrical network.

Solar hybrid inverters in Uganda


  • Pure sine wave output, full digital voltage and current double closed loop control, and superior SPWM technology
  • There are two output modes: inverter output and mains bypass; uninterrupted power supply.
  • Available in 4 charging configurations: Utility & Solar hybrid, Utility Priority, PV Priority, and Only Solar.
    modern MPPT technology with a 99.9% efficiency rate.
  • Designed with an LCD screen and three LED indicators for dynamic system data and operational status display.
  • AC output is controlled by a manual ON/OFF switch.
  • There is a power-saving mode to lessen empty load loss.
  • Intelligent variable speed fan for effective heat dissipation and system longevity.
  • Lead-acid battery and lithium battery access is made possible by the activation of lithium batteries by solar or electrical power.
  • Complete protections, such as reverse protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, over- and under-voltage protection, etc.

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