Smart Video intercoms in Uganda

Our smart Video Intercoms powered, designed with both property managers and residents in mind, streamline the management of residents, buildings, and community access points.


Watch the full video of our video gate intercom in action.


Our durable smart video intercoms in Uganda are designed for high-traffic areas and a wide range of weather conditions.


With our selection of smart  intercoms and doorbells, you’ll never miss a visitor. Thank your delivery person, keep an eye out for unwanted visitors, and greet visitors from anywhere in the world, or just the couch.


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Every day, an increasing number of Ugandans replace their traditional door intercom with a smart model. The new Sonic 10 video intercom is a complete smart video intercom kit that features HD image quality on both the screen and the door camera. It can be integrated into your surveillance system, communicate in both directions, and detect movement on the other side of the door.

Receive phone calls from visitors at the door/gate and grant them access from anywhere using your smart phone.


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Video Intercoms in Uganda

See who is at the front door

Allow your residents to manage property access from their smartphones. Residents can safely identify guests and confidently grant/deny access from anywhere using the app’s one-way video calling and two-way voice communication.

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The best Solution for your apartments

Give your residents an unrivaled access experience by including access to the pool, gym, package room, and gates.

video intercoms in Uganda

Our Smart Video Intercoms in Uganda Can be installed in:

Advantages of Smart Video Intercom Systems IN Uganda

The Ability to See Your Visitors
Traditional intercom systems rely on your visitor’s voice to confirm their identity before “buzzing” them in. However, this is not always reliable, especially when there is a lot of street noise. With a video intercom system, your tenants will no longer have to rely on guesswork or cross their fingers that their visitors are who they claim to be.


Report Intruders Discreetly
Allowing visitors inside if they have legitimate business with you is as simple as pressing a button on your smartphone. However, if they are not, you can easily and discreetly report them to authorities.


Access Control
Video intercom systems can also be used to restrict access to specific areas within your building. Instead of relying on key cards, which can be lost or stolen, add another layer of security to your business with video verification.


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Frequently asked questions about smart Video intercom systems

A wired intercom system is one that has wires running between the outdoor speaker panels, master panels, and the indoor units to which it is connected. Typically, a two-conductor, shielded wire is used, but depending on the type of intercom system, a computer network type CAT-5 cable may be used.

A video intercom system is a type of intercom system that includes a camera. It is a sophisticated type of door entry system used to manage building access. A video door intercom with a camera, like other types of intercom systems, allows visitors and occupants to communicate.

Smart intercoms, like cellphones, televisions, and everything else that has gotten the “smart” nickname these days, are intercoms that have added features and functionality to help make your life easier. Most smart intercoms include built-in cameras, can connect to the internet, and can communicate with other smart devices. You can monitor and grant access to your visitors from anywhere in the world using just your smart phone.

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