Exclusive One-Month Offer: Reliable Power Backup Systems

Get a system that supports over 18 lights, a 32-inch TV, phone, and laptop charging. Don’t miss out on our limited-time promotion!

Struggling with Frequent Power Outages?

Uganda’s power outages might disturb your life and business. Take advantage of our exclusive offer to assure a consistent electrical supply.


Darkness at Home

Power blackouts cause unsafe darkness at home, disrupting daily activities and increasing accident risks. A reliable power backup system ensures your home stays well-lit and functional.


Boredom At Home

Power blackouts lead to boredom at home, cutting off access to TV, phones, and laptops. Stay entertained and connected with a reliable power backup system to avoid this frustration.


Phones & Laptops Blackedout

Power blackouts leave phones and laptops dead, cutting off communication and productivity. A reliable power backup system ensures your devices stay charged and ready to use.

Our Advanced Power Backup Systems

Over 18 Lights On

Ensure over 18 lights stay on during power outages with our reliable power backup system. Never be left in the dark again.

32inch TV On

Keep your 32-inch TV running during power outages with our dependable power backup system. Enjoy uninterrupted.

Phones & Laptops

Ensure your phones and laptops stay powered on during blackouts with our efficient power backup system.

Power backup system batteries

Why Our Power Backup Systems is Perfect for You

Uninterrupted Power

Ensure 24/7 electricity for your home or business.

Special Offer

Save big during our one-month promotion.

Comprehensive Support

Power over 18 lights, a 32-inch TV, and charge phones and laptops

Easy Installation

Quick setup by our professional team.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Read stories from satisfied customers who have benefited from our power backup systems. Experience the difference they’ve enjoyed.

Based on 16 reviews
Pamela Lux
Pamela Lux
Super service ana after service on installation of solar panels in my house
Great customer service, very informative technicians/ engineers and good quality products. I can surely recommend them.
Violet Acuda
Violet Acuda
This was the best decision i made to use this company to install my CCTV system! They were recommended to me by a friend. They are quick and efficient! They sent in workers the next day just after i paid my installment and the installation started immediately. The workers are professional, friendly, efficient and very good at their job. They completed the installation in just 2 and half days and also trained us on how to use the system. I really appreciated them and wholly recommend this company!
abel ongom
abel ongom
Has experienced technical team
nantongo mwajuma aisha
nantongo mwajuma aisha
They installed our electric fencing six months ago and we are quite happy with the results. The installation, as well as the training to educate the boundaries and customer service, were excellent. Most significantly, we feel safer and more protected, and our family and pets can exercise and play without worrying about strangers staring over their shoulders.
Kir Med
Kir Med
They installed our security cameras 3 years and they are still working fine. They have the best security systems in Uganda.
Tumukugize Steven
Tumukugize Steven
They are the best solar installers in Uganda, the after service maintenance is the best.


Power Backup Systems