Watering Uganda's Fields with the Power of the Sun: A Look at Solar Surface Water Pumps in Uganda

Farmers in Uganda must have access to reliable water sources in order to preserve their livelihoods. However, many farmers in rural areas confront major barriers to water availability, such as high costs and unreliable supplies. The solar surface pump is a device that has the potential to revolutionise agriculture in Uganda by providing a cost-effective and long-term method of accessing water for irrigation.


In this blog post, we’ll go over the solar surface pump, how it works, the many varieties, costs, and how it might assist Ugandans, particularly farmers.

Understanding the Solar Surface Water Pumps

A solar surface water pump is a type of pump that uses sun energy to move water from a source to a distribution point. It differs from other types of pumps in that it generates the energy required to run the pump using solar panels. A solar surface pump’s main components are solar panels, a pump controller, and a water storage tank.

How the Solar Surface Water Pumps Work

Solar Surface Water Pumps for farmers in Uganda

Solar panels are erected in areas that receive the most sunshine, such as a rooftop or a field. Solar panels turn solar energy into electricity, which subsequently powers the pump controller. The pump controller controls how much energy is delivered to the pump, which in turn controls how much water is pumped. Water is pumped from a source, such as a river or borehole, and stored in a tank. It is then transported to the fields using a network of pipes and hoses.

Benefits of Solar Surface Water Pumps for Farmers in Uganda

Solar surface water pumps provide many benefits to Ugandan farmers, including:

  1. Increased agricultural yields: By providing a consistent source of water for irrigation, solar surface pumps can assist farmers in increasing crop yields and growing more food.

  2. Reduced labor costs: Traditional irrigation systems can necessitate a large amount of labor to bring water to the fields. Solar surface pumps can eliminate the need for manpower, allowing farmers to focus on other elements of their business.

  3. Improved food security: Farmers can produce more money and improve their food security by increasing crop yields and lowering labor costs.

Where Can Solar Surface Water Pumps be Applied?

Photo of Solar Surface Water Pumps applications

Solar surface water pumps have a wide range of applications, including:

  1. Small Farms: Solar surface pumps are perfect for small farms with limited water and electrical connections. They can be used to irrigate crops, water livestock, and even provide community drinking water.

  2. Remote places: Solar surface pumps can be utilized to offer a reliable source of water for irrigation in remote places where access to electricity is limited.

  3. Commercial Farms: Solar surface pumps can be used to irrigate large tracts of land, reducing their reliance on expensive and unreliable fossil fuels.

Success Stories of Solar Surface Pump Use in Uganda

Several Ugandan farmers and communities have successfully used solar surface pumps to improve their agricultural operations. For example, in 2014, the village of Bukatube in Eastern Uganda erected a solar surface pump, allowing them to cultivate crops all year and enhance their food security. Ruth Aine, another farmer, has increased crop yields and generated more cash since putting a solar surface pump on her farm.

Price of Solar Surface Water Pumps in Uganda

Photo of Solar Surface Water Pumps Kampala

The price of a solar surface water pump in Uganda varies depending on a number of criteria, including the kind and size of the pump, the location of the installation, and any other equipment required. A modest solar surface pump appropriate for a small farm can generally cost between 2,000,000 and 5,000,000 UGX (about $550 to $1,400 USD), whereas a larger pump suitable for a larger farm can cost up to 15,000,000 UGX (approximately $4,150 USD).

If you’re a farmer in Uganda or know someone who could benefit from a solar surface pump, consider exploring this technology as an option for accessing water. To learn more about solar surface pumps and how they can benefit your farm, contact us at +256789931735. Let’s work together to power Uganda’s agriculture with sustainable and affordable water solutions.


Solar surface water pumps provide a sustainable and cost-effective answer to Uganda’s agriculture water access difficulties. Farmers may raise crop yields, reduce labor costs, and improve food security by harnessing the power of the sun. With early success stories surfacing, it is apparent that the solar surface pump revolution has the potential to alter agriculture in Uganda and enhance farmers’ lives.

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